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A+K Helps China's Spa坐如ce Program

The Long March-5 rocket blasted o她房ff from China's Wenchang Space 說現Launch Center at 20:45 a.m. on 舞不Dec. 27, 2019. The spacecraft離城 separated from the rocket in about 2,錯爸220 seconds, sending 兵體the Shijian-20 satellit刀水e into orbit.
A Long March-5 spacecraft blasted 分林off from China's Wenchang Space 動水Launch Center at 4:30 a.m.畫西 on Nov. 24, 2020. After 志電a flight of about 2,200 seconds, the sp訊又acecraft successfully placed 街化the probe into orbit, starti腦數ng the country's first費錢 trip to return extraterrestrial object資筆s from sampling.
With its excellent measuremen哥費t accuracy and stable performa一空nce, Keyang A+K balance flowmet自子er has fulfilled its mission and 師為joined hands with China Aerospace to p文為rotect the fuel supply mea到長surement of the Long March 5 propellan兒兵t.

Main transmitting station

Main transmitting station

Main transmitting station

Main transmitting station

A+K balance flowmeter

A+K balance flowmeter

User: Jiangsu Shagang Group

Location: Jiangsu, Chi見房na

Year: 2012

Medium: blast furnace ga器你s

Size: DN2600

Pressure: 1.3barg

Temperature: 50℃

Flow: 500000Nm3/h

User: Zhangjiagang CIMC Sheng報是dane

Location: Jiangsu, China

Year: 2015

Medium: liquid nitrogen LN2

Pipe diameter: DN40

Pressure: 3MPa

Temperature: -196℃

Flow: 450 L/min

User: Xinpu Chemical (喝自Taixing) Co., LTD

Location: Jiangsu, China

Year: 2016

Medium: propane/ethane

Size: DN700

Pressure: 7 bar(G)

Temperature: -104 ℃

User: Shenhuaning Coal Group

Location: Ningxia, C媽但hina

Year: 2013

Medium: LPG

Size: DN40

Pressure: 4.91MPa

Temperature: 101℃

User: Jiangsu Energy Group

Location: Jiangsu, China的暗

Year: 2010

Medium: heat conductio書外n oil

Size: DN250

Pressure: 0.5MPa

Temperature: 220℃

User: Nanning Float Glass

Location: Guangxi, China

Year: 2018

Medium: Natural gas

Size: DN300

Pressure: 160kPa

Temperature: 20℃

Flow: 9000Nm3/h

User: Thailand IRPC

Contract time: 2018

Location: Thailand

Industry: Oil and Gas裡筆

Medium: C4(H.C)

Pipe diameter: DN200

Pressure: 3.82bar

Temperature: 232℃

Flow rate: 7.2t/h

User: PowerGas Singapore

Contract time: March 20離南19

Location: Singapore

Industry: Oil and Ga南校s

Medium: TOWN GAS

Pipe diameter: DN200

Pressure: 3bar

Temperature: 30℃

Flow rate: 6000Sm3/h

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