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Water Supply Metering (Hefei E說空lectromagnetic Water Meter) Ca嗎數se

Company:Hefei Water Supply Group 拍姐Co. LTD
Project:Hefei Water Supply Grou上林p 2021-2023 electromagnetic water mete都匠r fixed supplier procurement item作暗s
Project background:In order to facilitate th村問e design, planning and organization o為高f construction of the new project, Hef不錢ei Water Supply Group chooses 和大the intelligent electr哥術omagnetic water meter with remote tr船車ansmission function to realize t紅數he online monitoring and data an河但alysis of water consumption. Bas快工ed on the real-time online mo船問nitoring of the flow, pressure and美歌 water quality of eac務科h zone through the zo物月ning measurement of the water明機 supply network, it calculates 又拍and analyzes the minimum flow器醫 at night by combining the tra飛紅nsmission data. The m商分inimum flow at night is街謝 less affected by seasonal為姐 changes. Through th拍中e analysis of the minim歌線um flow at night, the 鐘輛reported or unreported leakage wat關會er can be identified to assist leak d醫現etection personnel to optimize l章就eak detection procedures and 音行improve the efficiency of pipe n吧影etwork operation and maintenan匠業ce management. In addition, through rea刀離l-time monitoring of water s河筆upply flow, the areas with p農著ossible leakage points can be ana少司lyzed and identified in 市如advance. Thus prevention in adv歌知ance, timely control鄉為, effectively reduce pipe netwo綠樂rk leakage rate, improve water到醫 supply efficiency, and save 生你precious water resources.
Project requirement:It can accurately meas站業ure the large flow rat報鐵e at peak and small 很錢flow rate at night, and the remot雪吧e data can be compatible with var說線ious software platforms of the comp購章any. In some working co章木nditions, the installation mo的上de without straight pipe se爸地ction should be adopted, which can b對場e used in harsh downh樂和ole environment for a long time. T謝學he sensor adopts all-pas玩藍s structure, zero pressure lo子討ss, no wear; Large scale ratio is c了請onducive to water supply enterp大西rises to improve water supply rec師畫overy rate, reduce leakage玩都 rate and improve wate家笑r resource utilization efficiency.
Special needs:
Product application:A+K electromagnetic water me笑到ter has the characteristics o了裡f wide range, low initia唱一l flow rate and high綠木 precision. Drip measurement 會知is more suitable for non間體-resident users' trade settlement a哥月nd DMA cell night minimum flow mo訊你nitoring. There are pres歌說sure and remote transmission modules 老明available for users to choose, and its 你南own remote transmission module c雨兒an realize fast docking with討愛 the three-party system. At present, 司草the ETFE spraying tec就房hnology, compared with t多理he traditional rubber and PTFE lini城做ng process, has obvious advantages in哥暗 acid and alkali resistance, corrosion好鐘 resistance, anti-chapping, 務服anti-falling, friction re事視sistance, impact resistance, no 章雜scaling, long life a東來nd so on. Its theoretica服什l service life is as long友內 as 30 years. The most亮妹 important is: the use of ETFE l中草ining coating process, due to the l雨街iquid connection area is hundr雜間eds of times larger than rubb話是er or tetrafluoride lining, its gro報照unding performance and l藍不ightning protection function has你麗 been geometrically improved.
Customer evaluation:Installation condition requirements are兵裡 low, accurate and rel劇藍iable measurement, professional s們工ervice level.

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Hydraulic Metering (Zibo Water Reso小讀urces Electromagnetic Flowmete文會r) Case

Company:Zibo Zhengda Water Construct門煙ion Co., LTD
Project:Zibo Yellow River Diversion Project 司員Intelligent transformation pro秒們ject of water transmi草大ssion line management facilities
Project background:Water resources monitoring and meas門們urement is the necessary means of sci腦暗entific, quantitative and fine manageme從訊nt of water resources, an校東d also the basic conditions員話 for effective allocation of water res術離ources and promoting high-見費quality development of water resou也司rces. The Ministry of Wate木學r Resources attaches為遠 great importance to the const低市ruction, operation and management of 湖黑water conservancy monit我木oring and metering facilitie綠務s, and constantly imp業開roves the capacity and level 河去of water use monitoring and metering空還. In order to implement the裡信 water control idea of 章身"giving priority to麗白 water conservation, spatial balance北匠, systematic manageme喝說nt and both efforts" and 明什promote the prominent weak points of hi黑員gh-quality developmen村音t of water conservancy, the com看做petent units at all levels are re東關quired to effectively monitor and 些姐measure the total amount o雪她f water consumed. The a技姐ctual water consumption of 報計existing metering facilities s了理hould be accurately monitored a子山nd measured, the monitorin場物g and metering facil讀的ities should be regularly operate她街d and maintained, and老朋 an authoritative, efficien民話t, unified and perfect w雜歌ater consumption mea河離surement and statist說房ics system should be established.
Project requirement:Full digital quantity processing, s日林trong anti-interference ab林坐ility, reliable measurement, hi快上gh precision, wide flow measurement ra嗎黃nge, suitable for power su購間pply voltage range, fast computing sp金議eed, high precision, 相北stable flow measurement perfo報他rmance, low power consumption,個亮 no moving parts in the p飛跳ipeline, unflow parts, almost no人水 additional pressure los音文s in the measurement; The measurem睡拿ent results are independent of 都購velocity distribution,服家 fluid pressure, temperatur頻舞e, density, viscosity花師 and other physical par黑秒ameters. Full Chinese menu opera聽錢tion, easy to use, simpl房購e operation, easy to learn a算哥nd understand; With R土議S485, RS232, Hart and Modbu音金s digital communication sign友水al output; With self-test and se拿市lf-diagnosis function; H書新ourly total recording function, 議書hour as a unit to record t下雨he total flow, suitable for time-shari頻家ng measurement system; Internal has 冷短a number of integrators can respecti明拿vely display the forward cumulant 也慢reverse cumulant and difference cumulan鐘門t, internal is provided with n做司o power off clock, can record t金快he power off time.
Special needs:
Product application:A+K electromagnetic flo頻城wmeter can be used in a 可會variety of different process銀員 conditions for high precision me學短asurement, is an economic flo麗媽w measurement solution, with high re樂快liability, high measurement stabilit但事y, no pressure loss, strong vibratio習司n resistance, easy installation a月音nd debugging.
Customer evaluation:The product has stable operatio那地n and accurate measurement. In terms 票街of the stability of fl刀離ow measurement curve, it reaches or e風討ven exceeds the impo票跳rted products. Accurate and stable fl計雨ow signal output, and the op購個eration parameters ha做線ve reached the domestic leading a的數nd international advance開樂d level.

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Sewage And Drainage Measure上門ment (Yinxi Ecological 鐵兵Industrial Park) Cas答森e

Company:Fujian Yucheng Construction Engine子來ering Co. LTD
Project:Yinxi Ecological Industrial Park road 女北rain and pollution diversion pipeline t機為ransformation and metering upgrading pr民男oject
Project background:In order to strengthen the mana水窗gement of pollutant disch爸師arge permits, standardiz大舊e the pollutant discharge behaviors of員裡 enterprises, public institutions 月美and other producers and ope低知rators, control pollutant笑照 discharge, and protect and im唱聽prove the ecological en可嗎vironment, the Administrative Committ醫頻ee of Yinxi Ecologic畫科al Industrial Park shall, according拍冷 to the Environmental Protect劇子ion Law and other relevant哥火 laws and regulations, clarify th年短e scope and management categories of 文但pollutant discharge per道站mit management, and standardi相呢ze the application and作身 approval procedures of pollutan友身t discharge permits. We will strengt事購hen the management of p錯上ollutant discharge measurement, strict 兵就supervision and inspection, and streng刀我then legal liability車森, and standardize the work 動腦of pollutant discharge permi聽市t and measurement management.
Project requirement:Suitable for industrial 時路water, domestic sewage, enterp業快rise drainage with weak corr相兒osive medium, sensor coil opti靜們mization design, and through村拿 the most strict real flow tes女船t, to ensure the measurem玩現ent accuracy of products. Signal electr兒請ode for thorough electros在工tatic shielding process到小ing, small signals will not be inter子些fered by the coil, to ensure the美多 measurement accuracy of lo地費w flow rate, coil and the o校和utside world for isol紅商ation processing, long-term 兵拍insulation strength, to ens吃爸ure the long-term measureme章生nt accuracy of the sensor, the問嗎 grounding electrode s舞照tructure, can be very good shielding通他 electrical noise interference, 黃開provide accurate measureme服商nt results, the use of customized謝裡 double-layer shieldin船章g cable, The product itself h從有as a self-checking f短用unction and is displayed o分不n the screen.
Special needs:Non-full pipe flow measurement of sewag放醫e drainage network.
Product application:A+K electromagnetic flow靜海meter can be used in a variety錯器 of different process condit資關ions for high precisi雪這on measurement, is an economic fl好去ow measurement solution,一討 with high reliabili數錢ty, high measurement 森場stability, no pressure loss, 內書strong vibration resistance,西間 easy installation and debuggi件影ng characteristics; The fir車船st ETFE spray lining in Chi森厭na has excellent che腦雜mical corrosion resistanc海場e, low friction coefficie影線nt and excellent insulation. It has務費 obvious advantages in impact 友唱resistance, anti-cracking, anti-peeli煙舞ng, no scaling, long life and so on.中票 It can be used in va子高rious working conditi冷拿ons of water supply and drainage, wate說風r treatment, total sewage con電和trol of environmental 吧動protection, petrochemical i飛金ndustry, iron and st習事eel metallurgy, electr開暗ic power, papermaking and other indus爸輛tries. In particular, A木歌+K non-full tube electromagnetic 麗時flowmeter is a kind of flow measur唱農ement system to measure t信學he natural flow on the free 數服surface in the non-full tube他師 state. It is based o什銀n the flow rate - wat秒術er level calculation method, an風分d adopts the advanced不森 water level tracking, flow rate mea物樂surement system and microprocessor, so購飛 as to ensure the ac高她curacy of speed measurement器志 and calculation. The secti長靜on forms of regular open chan路到nels are circular, rectangular 紅司and trapezoidal. According to th哥科e shape of channels, three m在吧athematical models such as M雨光anning formula method, single p看吧oint method and multi腦車-point method can be adopted, s民亮o as to meet the measurement accuracy u商秒nder different enviro會車nments and realize th話拍e accurate measurement of sewage d用問rainage flow of enterprises.
Customer evaluation:Product installation env雜信ironment requirements are no筆明t high, the detailed design is re兒裡asonable, easy to install and deb媽放ug, easy to use and easy to learn, s著數table and reliable measurement 黃到performance, after-s樹理ales service response in t風亮ime, service personne家事l of high professional leve嗎好l.

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