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Optimal configuration scheme of男要 flow meter in whole plant

Measurement is the foundatio了黑n of automation technology

Measurement should be accura就風te: temperature, pressure, flow, liqu鐘了id level, weight.

Control to fine: process control, mater農業ial ratio, trade handover, advanced con業兒trol (APC).

Process to be solid: material balance, 亮電energy balance, reduce waste pol明冷lution, energy saving and 報自emission reduction, stabl錢美e quality, high yield.

Flow measurement accuracy朋學 determines the precisio藍道n of process control system

The influence of preci開區sion is small: press黃讀ure, temperature, liquid level對訊, weight change fluctuation is small,件計 mature technology, hig東美h measurement accuracy; High pr白對ecision of secondary 要商instrumentation, transmission科綠 network and data processing拿關 and conversion.

The influence of accuracy is l跳刀arge: the medium working co問醫ndition is complex, the flow ch數業ange is large, flow is the most impo答件rtant, the most compl呢放ex, the most difficult老喝 to measure the process par草國ameter; The accuracy of the system is謝人 determined by the accuracy of和她 flow measurement, which is an i坐的mportant measure to save energy相站, reduce emission and increase effic水電iency.

System accuracy: five par器志ameters acquisition and c校票alculation model synthe從去sis control system ac答舊curacy, determines the proces場話s accuracy and product費廠ion efficiency.

Process control is as 南低important as trade handover

Mistake: trade handover precision is車水 important, process contr我畫ol precision is not important.

Process: Process control 厭廠consists of a number o司算f micro-trade transactions機亮, which are accounted for by中南 semi-finished and fi姐山nished products.

Results: If the process contro窗的l precision is poor, 為動material, energy imbalance, proce國明ss fluctuation. Resulting in村現 lower yield, more waste, 弟信more energy consumption, more pollutio現兒n emissions.

The current state of flow meter con計生figuration is embarrassing

Current situation: flowmete對音r types are complicated, th習站e overall accuracy is low, and the accu工店racy level is unreasonable.

Pain point: parameter change, site ins飛術tallation conditions are no姐數t guaranteed, generally ina內校ccurate measurement, error 2%~5%錯商~10%~20% is very comm時機on.

Objective: To save ene外微rgy, reduce emission and increase ef靜水ficiency. It is necess跳南ary to improve the accur一農acy of instrument measurement計明 system and control precision, a這個nd reduce the fluctuation o這短f process.

Solution: The flow meter and co拿器ntrol plan should be conf男好igured and optimized at the plant 做和level at the beginning of construct畫白ion.

Optimize the configuration of flow們紙 meter to achieve energy saving, em快家ission reduction and的錢 efficiency

To achieve energy saving, emission red子民uction and efficiency 跳樹of flow meter requirements北就

Balance flowmeter is the fir老畫st choice for optimal configuration身市 of flowmeter in the whole plant

Make the orifice a Venturi!理南

High precision 0.5% The straight pipe section i好能s short 2D Low pressure loss 30%DP The range is wider tha自爸n the width 7:1~10:1 Good repeatability 0.1% Wide adaptability G\L\S Perfect realization of two-way fl醫他ow measurement

Equivalent flowmeter of a白就 large refinery project (abo見錢ut 80 units)

The magic effect of a離是 balanced flowmeter 海見in a plant - wide configurat關聽ion

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