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Variable component medi吧關um flow measurement schem下西e

Difficulty of measure討新ment

In petrochemical indus司有try, there are many dry醫美 gas measurement points, so accura樹草te measurement is neede舞很d.

The composition of a medium such店筆 as dry gas changes from業去 moment to moment;

Conventional temperature a話路nd pressure compensation is學跳 not suitable for the medium with t金什he change of composition;

Mass flow does not change 體器with the change of time, spac分和e temperature, pressure, meas畫喝urement applications.

Background introductio民算n

Velocity pattern
Representative: vortex fl從街owmeter
Only volume flow can be m大窗easured
Quality type
Representative: Coe type force and m器光ass flowmeter

Working principle

The output frequency of vortex flow著草meter represents the volume flow兒車 rate under the working c事多onditions flowing thro男木ugh the instrument, and is 公視independent of gas composition, dens商空ity, etc.

According to Bernoulli equation, the d生銀ifferential pressure sign影人al from the vortex generator去喝 in the vortex street flow senso什報r is proportional to the density of機大 the fluid.

The product of volume路間 flow rate and density做不 is mass flow rate. The mass fl兒務owmeter of variable component gas i日美s designed according t術紙o this principle.

Structural form

Performance characteristi有能cs

1.The measured mass flow rate is no讀習t affected by the change of 妹林components and working condition d女業ensity;

2.Small permanent pressure loss.

3.Microdroplet has no effect 地玩on measurement.

4.Less than half the price of Cori那朋olis mass flowmeter;

5.Can display mass flow cumulative v跳這alue, mass flow instantane坐到ous value, volume flow, fl如老uid density and other para房拿meters;

6.Accuracy: 0.5 level; Maxim微睡um flow rate: 60m/s; Pressure ≤6.4朋化MPa; Medium temperature ≤ 200人懂℃;

Application direction志老

The secondary proces習章sing of crude oil, such as heavy oi說匠l catalytic cracking, thermal cracki厭見ng, delayed coking, etc., 話拿all need to produce a la民線rge amount of dry gas 銀音(raw gas). These gases hav西物e large component dif科車ferences and wide range of comp土個onent variation, which is a typical exa媽唱mple of variable component gas and the不他 main service object of vari懂遠able component gas mass fl分作owmeter.

Other components change medium, s請關uch as natural gas, blast furnace gas,看鄉 coke oven gas and other相微 components change medium黑我, choose suitable differential pres飛市sure and velocity flowmeters for large 快音diameter measurement.

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