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Large - mouth runoff 了業measurement scheme

Difficulty of measurement

Market common flow m舞對easurement products

Measurement scheme and value

Application direction

  • Coal chemical industry

    Operating characteristics: wi森空th coal tar gunk, low pressu暗問re, large diameter, strong藍坐 stability.

    Typical application: coke oven gas高但.

  • Main heating metering pi理舊peline

    Operating characteris木懂tics: high precision, high tempera南行ture, high pressure, large 醫拿diameter, strong stability.

    Typical application: St做習eam.

  • Iron and steel metallurgy industry

    Operating characteris小山tics: impurities, low說船 pressure, large diameter, strong st器算ability.

    Typical application: blast fu弟書rnace gas, converter g機歌as.

  • Liquid quay handling

    Operating characteristics: high precis裡西ion requirements, low購錯 temperature, high pressure,長東 large diameter, strong stability, 裡頻two-way flow, a vari身城ety of media conditi風快ons.

    Typical application: low temp司東erature liquefied gas, li長媽quid chemical raw mater自她ials.

Application performance

Number A+K balance large caliber part of the 男風performance
1 New 1080M3 blast furnace projec作請t of Jiangsu Shagang Group Co街問., LTD
2 Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., LTD. Refi低美ning and chemical int吃書egration project
3 Purification unit, sulfur recovery and 校地low temperature metha跳雪nol washing unit of Guangxi Hu樂刀ayi Energy and Chemica這弟l Co., LTD
4 Hunan Changling coal - oil cogeneratio小長n project
5 Hunan Changling coal - oil cogenera信事tion project
6 Shanxi Jiantao Lubao Chemical Co., 西鄉LTD. 200,000-ton annual methanol 姐村project
7 Shanxi Lubao Xinghai New Material紅暗 Co., LTD. 2×220t/h Coke 從文quenching project and 3×220T/H coal po如年wer project
8 SAR device for alcohol-based p校小olygeneration propylen物窗e crystal project of Jiang鐘笑 Susirbang Petrochemical Co., LTD
9 Huizhou Hongrui Environmental Protecti藍什on Energy Co., LTD. 100,000 tons/yea微照r comprehensive utilization of oil refi的城ning waste gas project
10 Equipment upgrading project下下 of Chengde Jianlong Special Ste街通el Co., LTD
11 …DN1000 caliber more數術 than 150 contracts, more than 1,00體電0 applications.
Number Hontzsch ultrasonic vortex street parti和睡al performance
1 53 sets of oil and gas flow measure友放ments in Dawangzhuang, Guan村又grao, Shandong
2 Takahashi Fine Chemical 14 s冷刀ets of oil and gas flow measure國分ment
3 Hebei Datang Zhangjiakou Power P外知lant 8 sets of flue gas 市電measurement transformati麗放on, 8x350MW
4 Guohua Hebei Dingzhou Power Plant唱白 6 sets of desulfuriza可員tion flue gas measurement trans開用formation, 4x600MW
5 Huaneng Changchun Sithermes 50 set信放s of primary and secondary wind measure樂好ment, 2X330MW newly built (h新慢igh temperature 240℃)空習
6 China Power Investment Kaifen土間g Power Plant 52 sets of new nuclear刀到 power experimental proje冷短ct, experimental tank 司刀high temperature velocity,2X3票鐵30MW
7 Huaneng Luoyang Thermal電那 Power Plant 13 sets of den慢弟itrification smoke gas flow生土, 2X330MW (high temperature 2音舊40℃)
8 Xinjiang Junxin Chemi湖空cal Co., LTD. 5, coke oven gas
9 Citic Pacific Special Steel 關很1 set DN2400, blast furn也金ace gas measurement
10 Shanghai Cigarette Factory 12 遠音sets (Changyang Road 4 set厭技s, Gaoyang 8 sets) industri的和al exhaust measurement
11 …719 units are in use in the market.

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