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Large range ratio flow measurem鐵弟ent scheme

Working principle

A+K balance flowmeter has a wide m學老easuring range, but the lower limit of 工制transmitter measurement limits the acc麗放uracy of flow measurement. A+K bal草電ance flowmeter is equipped w理來ith two differential pressur區中e (multi-parameter) trans行輛mitters of different rang爸金e. The differential pressure/flow rela唱微y method is used to mea器厭sure the flow of larg上學e range ratio. A+K ba藍笑lance flowmeter can be realized by 體電means of multi-pipe switch知他ing metering skid system for the 業民measurement of ultra-wide range 草是specific flow. Then co在雪mbined with the pressure 科場signal and temperature 器新signal, the flow calculation and a var作對iety of compensation calculation in海議 the system, and finally the flow快裡 measurement of high precision wid視北e range ratio can be realize就音d.

Large range ratio measurement scheme

The measurement signal我空s of large range transmitter and sma一數ll range transmitter are introduced int錯知o DCS system respectively, 吧讀and the switch between large range 現地and small range is real自懂ized through the upper co鐘路mputer programming to com信子plete the flow monitoring and 城村accumulation. Automatic switchin什話g can use the upper limit cu志遠rrent value of the small range tr多唱ansmitter as the judgment condition:數分 for example, the measurement sig都東nal of A and B transmitters is res購技pectively introduced into the DCS s風南ystem, and the output flow va費山lue is displayed at the same point 短醫C in the DCS system. With t房站he input signal of small range 算小transmitter B as the switchi身媽ng point, when the input s村車ignal of small range transmitter B 月上is detected > 19.8mA, switch to large 樹計range transmitter A,快謝 and display the measured flow of老日 large range transmitter A工一 at point C, small range tra業麗nsmitter B flow indication匠相 shield; When the input signal of small討坐 range transmitter B is detected ≤19.務子8mA, switch to small range trans玩你mitter B, display the meas市懂ured flow of small range transmitt做花er B at point C, and 美內large range transmitter A flow ind河務ication shield.

Range ratio≤40:1

Ultra wide range ratio m件文easurement scheme

Single flowmeter can 白舞not complete the task of ultra-wide ran中文ge ratio measurement, so it can be服歌 realized by using the meas照又urement scheme of ultra-wide rang頻樹e ratio multi-pipe switching meter什物ing skid system. The scheme ado藍公pts the principle of switchi數空ng measurement of mul藍窗tiple pipelines to realize the measurem坐空ent of large pipelines at large flo鄉報w rate and small pipelines at媽鐵 small flow rate.

The metering skid is conne水藍cted with the field pipe by flange, and相窗 all the measurement, switching an你什d control are comple討刀ted on the metering skid司愛. The main road and th匠還e design pipeline using the same金劇 caliber, and according to the design器數 flow range, in turn in the meterin哥信g pry is configured with 2~4 mea懂銀suring pipelines, each 到紙pipeline is configured with a中大n integrated A+K balance flowmeter and 藍理cut-off valve, flowmeter for 可業the measurement of each pipeline f路開low, according to the購體 flow size to control the cut-off v員說alve switch to choose which pipeli刀靜ne to work. The whole measureme農道nt process is controlled 西人and switched manually/automatically用可, and the flow data and v低日alve status are sent to the user.

Range ratio≤40:1

Flow measurement for extr員訊a wide range ratioCascade measurement, se厭制amless switchingFlexible configuration 得話and customization on demand

Performance characte地兒ristics

Application direction

  • A. Natural gas trade settlem暗日ent
  • B. Steam trade settlement
  • C. Low pressure gas 機生trade handover
  • D. Coal gas, coal bed methane trad木美e handover

Field application

  • Medium:Low pressure stea現資m


    User:Qingtongxia Aluminum steam trade 文媽metering flowmeter


    Pressure:1.2 MPa(G)

    Temperature:185 ℃

  • Medium:air


    User:Zhenhai refining air flow商弟meter


    Pressure:54 kPa(G)

    Temperature:150 ℃

Application performance

Number Company
1 Large range ratio ste內火am flowmeter renovat熱慢ion project of Guodian Karamay Power Ge花線neration Co., LTD
2 Methanol project of Shenhua Ningxia Coa電也l Industry Group Co. LTD
3 Reform of steam measurement technology我風 of China Salt Jintan Salt Chemical鐵作 Co., LTD
4 Steam measurement reform of Anhui W弟現anwei Group Co., LTD
5 Zhejiang Yuanli Metal Pr費關oducts Group Co., LTD. 他快450 sintering engineering was麗們te heat utilization projec章厭t
6 Gansu Huating Zhongxu紙森 Coal Chemical 600,0一子00-ton/year methanol project
7 Henan Coal Chemical Xin近雜xiang Zhongxin Chemical Co.,章是 LTD. 200000 tons/year methanol proje文媽ct
8 Ningxia Qingtongxia Aluminum Power兵家 Generation Co., LTD. New thermal 房亮users
9 Steam measurement of technical renovati上村on project in Hesheng Electric Co.看花, LTD
10 Taiwan China Iron & Steel Co., LTD.生弟 8 "steam measurement姐員 technology renovation project
11 …………

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