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Corrosive media flow measurem做錯ent scheme

Corrosion related knowledge

definition:Corrosion is the destruction of 多說metals by chemical action in 樹文their environment.

Danger and harm:

(1)Corrosive media corrodes跳山 key parts of flow measurin問樂g instruments in direct亮畫 contact with media, causing 事微damage and loss of function頻工. For example, corrosion ca場民uses damage to the diaphragm of th妹懂e differential pressure transmitter微務, leakage of silicone oil a通上nd complete failure.

(2)The key parts of flow measuring in什學strument are corroded by corrosive雨窗 media for a long time and change the g新公eometric size, resulting山區 in the accuracy of the instru但體ment is reduced. For example老跳, the orifice flowmeter in the orifi行知ce parts are corroded by the fluid and民房 the orifice size changes, whi現吃ch causes the outflow coefficien資煙t to change.

(3)Shorten the life of the instrument. 相內For example, the vortex-generatin數體g body in vortex flowmeter, afte學年r several years of use, its 來快welding with the surface body is r用司otten.

(4)Corrosive media leakage, if not foun內飛d in time, timely treatment, but雜票 also easy to lead to sa見車fety and personal accidents.

Anticorrosive measures for相的 flow meters

Flow meter with corrosion r厭看esistance is preferred.

(1)General acidic medium (li下鐘quid, gas), liquid mater不要ial with acid-resistant steel materials銀生, such as stainless steel.

(2)The measuring tube is lin數服ed with corrosion resistant materi小笑als, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (P醫線TFE), which has the best corro船妹sion resistance.

In addition, the measurement scheme 河能suitable for special conditions should請鐵 be selected or the process f知拍low and medium characteristics should b南機e understood to avoid暗黑 corrosive media.

There is no fixed solution for an技草ticorrosion of flow m腦下easuring meters. New materials, 長靜new methods, new ide機作as are constantly applied車有 in practice, in short, t刀物he most economical, the 南那most accurate, the most 慢多suitable for the specific conditions o技做f the scheme is the most r司子easonable.

Anticorrosive material

A+K lined PTFE anticorro開媽sive flowmeter structure

Performance characteristics

Application performance

Number Company
2 Shandong Doguide Group Co., Ltd.
3 Ningxia Jinyuyuan Chemical Group Co.,些哥 Ltd.
4 Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Ch子你emical Co., Ltd.
5 Hangjin Technology Co.,風下 Ltd.
6 Jiangsu Hongda New Material Co.,但男 Ltd.
7 Jiangsu Jinqiao Salt Chemic玩睡al Group Lihai Chemical Co. 紅靜LTD
8 Fangda Jinhua Chemical Technology Co.影物,Ltd
9 Transformation of Jining Zhon年音gyin Electrochemical Co.舞錢, LTD
10 Zhejiang Xinan Chemic機都al Indusyrial Group Co., 話師Ltd.
11 …………

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