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Combustion air temperature, press又道ure and humidity (three compe得國nsation) measurement scheme

The harm of inaccurate m小呢easurement of combustion air

Insufficient combustio們票n air:Insufficient combustion, w音有aste of resources, polluti海好on of the environment

Excessive combustion藍低 air:Low combustion temperature, fuel is雨黃 difficult to burn, affect pr河習oduct quality

Influencing factors o森花f combustion air measurement

Relative humidity:The percentage of the wat西車er vapor pressure in the air compar間科ed to the saturated water計銀 vapor pressure at the same temperature有開.

Influencing factors:Atmospheric pressure, atmospheric tempe綠遠rature, atmospheric relati長跳ve humidity, saturated water va近筆por pressure, saturated water vapo綠好r density, air pressure in the com睡相bustion air pipeline, air te志林mperature, etc.

Market status of combustion air 動有measurement

Wet air measurement solutions

Wet gas compensation formula mat熱討hematical model


QV2:Volume flow after compen相窗sation

QV1:Volume flow before compensation

KC:Outflow coefficient nonlinea店河r compensation coeffi話金cient

Kε:Gas expansibility coefficient comp內用ensation coefficient

Kφ:Humidity compensation coefficient

Kρ:Density compensation coe都離fficient (temperature and pressure 化嗎compensation)

Humidity temperature pressure humi區刀dity full compensation confi厭頻guration scheme

Flowmeter equivalent of a g街從lass kiln (single kiln)

Combustion air measu司男rement: 6 sets (depen用們ding on kiln size)

Natural gas measurement: 1 set

Nitrogen and hydrogen protectiv大件e gas measurement: 2-8 se城金ts (depending on the number of年校 production lines)

Water measurement for p體爸ublic works: 2-3 sets

Chimney gas measurement: 1 set

Application direction

  • Building materials ind我土ustry

    Prospects: China is already the w鐵間orld's largest producer男就 and consumer of building materials, a雜舞nd the building materia黑照ls industry has broad但廠 prospects for development.

    Typical application:醫草 Measurement of combustion air in i開報ndustrial kiln.

  • Electric power industry

    Prospect: Power plant boiler i開時s the main thermal equipment of therm金服al power plant, incomplete combustion l店我oss is an important subject 一體of national energy conse明高rvation and environmental 喝朋protection, and the accu制聽rate measurement of c物遠ombustion air is an imp問近ortant part of it.

    Typical application: comb腦會ustion air measurement of power p呢體lant boiler.

  • Metallurgical industry

    Prospect: In order to ach自錢ieve the goal of energy savi信電ng and emission reduction and promot街光e the complete combustion of fuel謝媽, the accurate measurement姐紙 of combustion air is p還購articularly important日山.

    Typical application: blast furnace森煙, converter combusti裡國on air measurement.

  • Other industries (textile, p飛城rinting and dyeing, pharmaceutical, 吃中chemical, oil refining, paper, etc自個.)

    Prospect: Improving boiler c通離ombustion efficiency is al拿長ways an important dir就舊ection of energy saving and 秒城emission reduction.

    Typical application: al問能l kinds of boiler co鐵鐘mbustion air measurement.訊體

Application performan車睡ce

Number Company
1 Follett Glass Group Co., LTD
2 Zhuzhou Qibin Group Co.北大 LTD
3 Taiwan Glass Industry Co. LTD
4 CSG Holding Co., LTD
5 Henan Ancai High-tech少城 Co., LTD
6 Luoyang Float Glass Group Co.,有和 LTD
7 China National Build朋白ing Material Group Co., LTD
8 Jiangsu Shagang Group 習就Co. LTD
9 Chongqing Life Furnace Technology Co日西.LTD
10 Hubei Sanxia New Building 兵風Materials Co., LTD
11 …………

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