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"Industry-university嗎紙-research-use" frame知船work agreement promotion model s件跳cheme

From "industry-universit雨電y-research" to "Industry-University窗懂-research and Applicatio看金n"

Breakthrough: use

Use:Applications and users機著.

Emphasis on application and use事服rs, highlighting the combination師老 of production, univ路玩ersity and research must be market-o謝謝riented.

Use:It is the starting p照友oint and foothold of technologica我務l innovation.

Respective advantages錢我 and roles

production: Production, enterprise -- Keyo章件ntechs;

Organization, implementation市白 and execution of project op什跳eration; Access to differentiated tec街分hnologies and markets;

learn: Colleges and universities;那用

Basic theory research, teachers, 子做experiment platform; Talen飛體t training demands; Assessmen你頻t KPI;

Research: Scientific research instituti窗林on;

Technology and solution researc遠唱h and development, joint research, re房熱source sharing, joint development pl小線atform, open innovation;

Use: Users and applications;拍店

Solve problems, improve efficie煙通ncy and enhance the competitive司離ness of enterprises;

Government: Policies and funds;

Industry-university-resea師唱rch application - Framework agreement

Unique, differentiated and targeted so雪視lutions;

Deeply customized design an算低d product models;

Share the fruits, share the mar醫器ket and share the benefits;

Framework agreement:

Closed supply, long-term cooperation房哥, common growth, mutual achi在又evement;

Shut out competitors;

How do distributors get involved?

Use! Users and applications: star購得ting point and landing point;

What problems do you need to solve to f唱歌ind users? ;

Department to work, channel busin們低ess to "use" as the fulcrum o但中f deep participation!

Formation of "produc生得tion-learning-research-use-cana就中l";

Keyon "industry-university-research-村看application" alliance

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