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A+K Standard Throttl森到ing Device Products

According to GB2624:2006 / 黑女ISO5167-2003 specificati會內on design

Standardized throttle element geome畫自tric size verification, to e你腦nsure the measurement accu厭銀racy;

Simple and firm structure, good reliab書近ility.

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  • Parameter

A+K orifice plate flowmeter

Standard sharp Angle orifice pl雪呢ate designed and manufacture舊媽d in accordance with GB2624:數風2006/ISO5167-2003 specification工風;

It has the characteristics of內報 low price, convenient installa醫錢tion and maintenance;

Used for measuring gas, l化飛iquid and steam and other 服作media;

We can provide all non著問-perforated plates, including s算關mall hole plate, round hole plate, ecc就美entric hole plate, 1/4 round hole plate有訊, conical entrance hole快有 plate, wear-resistant hole plate到門 and other products.



A+K nozzle flowmeter

Design and manufacture nozzl師站e throttling device in accordance姐玩 with GB2624:2006 / ISO51店視67-2003 specification;

It has the advantages of high st劇用rength, impact resistance,通林 wide measuring rang能中e ratio, small pressu動唱re loss and large measuring range.

According to the design and a筆微pplication of the pro雪知duct to provide different structure of個拍 the throttling device;

It is often used to measure t件機he fluid flow rate of h答街igh temperature, high pressure金關 and steam heat network房木 pipelines in power plants.



A+K Venturi flowmeter

A throttling flow measuring sensor i友弟s designed and manufa算坐ctured in accordance 男上with GB2624:2006 / ISO5167-2003 技商specification.

It has the characteri飛器stics of high measuring acc要很uracy, small pressure loss, not 近樂easy to wear, good long-ter用費m stability, etc.

Often used as a trade settlem月購ent type flow measureme兵頻nt component, used for s服術team, natural gas, petrochemical media知很 accurate measurement;到少

In ISO5167 specificatio她裡n of several flowmeters,玩水 Venturi required the upper an廠和d downstream straight pipe s視分ection of the shortest, the 金務smallest permanent pressure loss.



A+K adjustable orifice f工輛lowmeter

NASA space technology and industri習舊al technology fusion, th新什e most cost-effective porous flow m低上easurement products

The A+K adjustable o多問rifice flowmeter is based on 鐵高NASA's porous balanced rectifier 綠相technology. It has the characteristics醫鐘 of compact structure, high system可就 accuracy, wide measuring range, sh要又ort straight pipe sectio跳南n requirements, and conveni術生ent field installation.

Thin sheet structure 吃爸design, the structure廠歌 is more compact and 事購simple for process measure北學ment occasions;

Inherit all the performance advantages車弟 of porous throttling;

The angular pressure connection姐地 method has greater differential 拿資pressure measurement;

Fast delivery based on stan西街dard piping design;




Reduced procurement and installat那的ion costs compared w線店ith traditional construction;

Measurement accuracy ±0.5%, ±問用0.75%, repeatability 間廠0.1%;

Compared with orifice plate, it c看北an save 30%~50% operati為去on energy consumption;

Save 90% straight pipe section dema計男nd;

Reduce the field workload, redu答身ce the leakage point, reduce the 紅議total input;

Optional integrated valve藍機 group or universal three-val鐵煙ve group, easy maintenance and rep雜報lacement;

Strong and durable, reduce媽兒 energy consumption,綠海 improve production efficiency;

Using centering ring design to ensu文明re installation accuracy;

Material with SS304 and SS316 opt少弟ional, others can be customized;




Universal valve group pla就場tform structure

A general valve assembly platform i妹白s provided on the adjustable ori熱事ficum plate, which can be direc新樹tly connected with the general H-typ去新e valve bank and then connec輛農ted to the transmitter匠喝 to form an integrat煙錢ed flowmeter. The process connector ca能開n also be configured for separate insta了現llation with the three valve banks a見到nd transmitters.



Integrated three-valve年你 structure

The adjustable orifice plate is新快 equipped with an integ學關rated three valve group. The頻月 integrated three valve 務兒group is not detachable and 見很can be directly connected with快哥 the transmitter to b動這ecome an integrated flowmet街多er. The process connec關民tor can also be installed se村司parately with the thr報員ee valve group and the transmitte了腦r.


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