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Hontzsch Ultrasonic Vort問厭ex Flowmeter

Measurement uncertainty: ±1%+事為0.03m/s;

Ultra-wide range ratio 80:1;

Dirt resistant;

Dirty, corrosive gas measur謝友ement;

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A new gas measurement t新校echnology (dirt, corrosion and other ga劇民s measurement)

-- Hontzsch (constant harm慢黃ony) ultrasonic vortex flowmeter空亮 in Germany


Ultrasonic vortex flowmeter is a n近林ew generation of velocity 好生flowmeter products introduced by Keya風志ng Technology and Ger章說many Hontzsch Co., LTD. I兒著t adopts the most ad商都vanced electronic te就工chnology and realizes accurate measu資山rement through ultrasonic highly se很聽nsitive probe, which makes up for th電公e shortcomings of traditional vort金有ex flowmeter in low velocity m哥花easurement, greatly expands the 光術measuring range and improv醫事es the vibration resis用得tance.

Product performance:


Measurement uncertaint跳民y: ±1%+0.03m/s


Ultra wide range ratio 80:1


Dirt resistance

Application Case:


Air, natural gas, oxygen, propa電科ne, butane


Measurement of replacement gas 子遠in asphalt loading st城玩ation


Flare gas survey -- Siberia

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