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A+K Uniform Plate Flowmeter

Combined with the principle of differe個村ntial pressure throttling + static and嗎員 static pressure;

Large caliber low cost;

Mainly used in air volume measurement 房舊and flue gas measurement.

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Working principle:

Differential pressure throttling + 市資static and static pr可工essure principle

A+K uniform plate flowmet志可er is A+FlowTek company on the bas話資is of Nre porous throttling, 看遠the integration of the uniform 和短pitot flowmeter static 章女and static pressure flow mea窗習surement, in the balance of the flow樂議 surface set up a multi-p車店oint total pressure h業議ole, in the back flo化算w surface set up a multi女喝-point static pressur拿的e hole, on the basis of t高上he balance flowmeter to如算 achieve the differential pressure這黃 measurement of static and stat森船ic pressure. The flow meas城又ured by differential pressure throt高些tling principle and static and sta中雨tic pressure principle can be mutu火麗ally verified to achieve accurate mea女答surement and warning function.


The meter is composed of t鐵雨wo pressure taking fla裡離nges sandwiching the e醫對qualizing plate. The static and 謝飛static pressure taking port is地訊 located on the equalizing pl喝校ate, and the pressure taking port 購鄉of the throttle device is lo街輛cated on the pressure takin年工g flange.



FF clamp mounting stru房體cture form

Application direction:

Air volume measurement

It has the characteristics of larg熱內e diameter, low velocity 事還of medium and low operating pressure筆草.

1. Low pressure loss刀民.

2, with high reliability, wear 鄉房rate and accident rate is small.

3. Low requirements for straight pi一理pe section.

4. Large diameter pipeline, unev嗎河en flow field and unst高樂able medium

Typical applications水務: power plant primary air, s理學econdary air, return air, etc. Oth作朋er industries, such as combustion wi場兵nd.

Smoke measurement

It has the characteristics of林能 large diameter, low velocity of medium麗廠, low operating pressure, high temper做老ature and dust

Typical application: powe上飛r plant flue gas measurement.


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