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KMS Flow Metering Box

Flow measurement in situ display and a業亮ccumulation unit;

Automatic density compensation, Reynol理睡ds number compensation and expansibili美音ty coefficient compensation;年西

Paperless record to meet t裡門he needs of trade settleme電子nt measurement.

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KMS flow metering box is a local displ空用ay and accumulation unit for flow近熱 measurement, which can飛黑 be combined with various 家科flow transmitters and sens生知ors to form a high-precision fl森村ow measurement system.

Product performance:

Suitable for steam, gas, natural ga美訊s and liquid measurement;

Automatic density compens舊廠ation, Reynolds number compe購化nsation and expansibilit身業y coefficient compensati校場on;

With small flow accountin窗答g, stop steam judgment, over schedu化商led consumption accou個可nting, power failure小內 record, paperless record function,你雨 to meet the needs of trade settle弟但ment measurement;

Can automatically save 65,53物去6 groups of the late年喝st historical data, 子雨automatically draw flow, 內在temperature, pressure a雨地nd other historical cu暗麗rves;

Intelligent fault tol業長erance function -- wh近開en the temperature and pressure com草自pensation measurement si議金gnal is abnormal, the cor樹歌responding manual setting valu朋對e is automatically used to compensate 朋資the calculation;

The instrument is not equip愛男ped with any adjustabl吃資e devices such as potentiom低說eter, coding switch, s學黃o as to improve the vibration resist外少ance, stability and re購身liability of the instrument;

Specially designed WDT circuit, pow鐘公er-on reset circuit and power-off data 金小protection circuit ensure the norm上老al operation of the instrume算在nt with power-off data業去 without loss. Power off data prote章空ction without backup battery, 火很protection time of 10 years;

Hd Chinese and charact從鐘er display all key parameters裡們, and has a screen saver funct銀他ion, prolong the scre嗎和en life;

Set data recall function, will b老鐘e factory Settings after the modific城笑ation of the set data, record al工器l, and can be displa資知yed in the query screen;

Backup power function, the 木司system automatically switch, a微機fter power off the instrument can work 鄉道for 72 hours;

Key parameters:

Measuring the flow inpu劇習t signal;

Analog flow signal (AI1) : 4 議我~ 20mA DC;

Frequency Flow signal (f) F大個requency: 1 ~ 10,000 Hz制關;

Measuring pressure input sign月服al (AI2) :4 ~ 20mA DC;

Measuring temperature input signal;

Thermal resistance P器自t 100, thermocouple K,作分 E, etc.;

Current: 4 ~ 20mA DC;

Basic error

Frequency signal input: ± 0.1% of r鐘喝eading value;

Temperature signal in間他put: ±0.3℃ (t ≤ 300℃);

Reading value ± 0.1% (t >300℃);

Current and voltage input:他國 ± 0.1% of full scale;

Current output: ± 0.1% of full sc姐可ale;

After compensation flow d光會isplay: full scale ± 0.到日1%;


Communication interface: RS-485 or RS-黑科232 serial interface (店件photoelectric isolation);

Communication rate: 9600, 480機看0, 2400 or 1200 baud rate;

Transmission media: 器唱GPRS, RS485, optical 為美fiber, etc.

Display capability

With 3.5 "320×240 grap煙民hic lattice HD, 65K true color TFT 市木display;

Display all key parameters in 子又Chinese and characters in one scr店開een;

Cumulative flow, cumulative heat dis厭車play: up to 8 digits;

Instantaneous flow, instantaneous hea大近t, fluid temperature, fluid pressure an他服d other parameters d工裡isplay: up to 6 digits;

Display temperature with 1間器 decimal place. When displaying i裡錯nstantaneous flow and pressure, the工請 decimal number is determined by settin文快g data;


System application:


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