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GemCreate Electronic Technology Co., Lt請店d. (G+C), founded in 2014, 關村is a high-tech enterprise fo笑樂cusing on environmental 機作parameter measurement solutions.

At present, it has national CNAS c友他ertified temperature and humidity calib懂玩ration device, high-pre場綠cision gas and liquid flow calib好也ration device; It has the capabil那街ity of R&D, calibration, cal紙離ibration and manufacturing筆門 of physical layer based 化用technology based on film humidity sen拍電sing capacitor, sensor and transmitt拍刀er instrument.

Capable of developing, calibra關跳ting, calibrating an在中d manufacturing anemometer店秒 and air volume transmitter instrument那票s based on differential pressure pri影習nciple and thermal pr區個inciple.

Industrial process control, ty街市pical applications: 少拍nuclear power plant steam l校用eakage monitoring, paper mak如視ing process, tobacco making p近訊rocess, naval ships, lu什森bricating oil, transformer o離森il monitoring, pharmaceutical dryi化飛ng equipment, other h鐘飛arsh industries.

Harsh and precise environmental control金什, typical applications: dang紙火erous gas environment, biop高些harmaceutical clean room, electron答藍ic semiconductor clean room, high短相 standard intelligent buildin用林g, agriculture, industrial air conditio服姐ning box, data center, rail and subway都家.

Building environmental c市費ontrol, typical applications: high sta媽北ndard intelligent building,就木 agriculture, industrial年鐘 air conditioning box, data center, rai她分l transportation subway.

Equipment matching, typical作金 applications: environmental 動到test chamber, biological incuba妹文tor, pharmaceutical machinery, han秒中dheld table.

Application Case

Nuclear power industr服黃y:Hongyanhe Nuclear Power HVAC system,數路 Fangchenggang Hualong No.1 nuclear P近海ower Demonstration project high兵新 temperature steam pipeline leak喝請age monitoring system;

bio-pharmaceutical:Shijiazhuang Siyao, Shi秒跳 Yao Enbipu, Nanjing Shenghe Biology, 小謝Taizhou Jindick Biopha算服rmaceutical, Wuhan Heyuan計讀 Biology;

Electronic semiconductor:Fudan Microelectronics, Shanghai為音 Microelectronics Equipment Co., 水南LTD.

Environmental test chamber:Chongqing Hardin, Chongqing Ataike民時;

Pharmaceutical equipment:Hangzhou Telin Biotechnology, Shangha化窗i Minjie Pharmaceutical Machinery;

Application Field

Commercial Hvac

Nuclear Military Industry讀木

Hospital Operating Room

Tobacco Industry

Electronic Semiconductor

Coating Industry

Laboratory Equipment

Paper Industry

Rail Crossing System

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