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GemCreate Electronic Technol從姐ogy Co., Ltd. (G+C), f高理ounded in 2014, is a high-te這自ch enterprise focusing on 問綠environmental parameter measureme東放nt solutions.

At present, it has national CNAS cer會數tified temperature and hu嗎美midity calibration device, high-prec時著ision gas and liquid flow cal生慢ibration device; It has the c志火apability of R&D, calibration, 體書calibration and manu拿商facturing of physical layer based t事照echnology based on film humidit風費y sensing capacitor, sensor an司美d transmitter instrument.

Capable of developing, calibrating, cal區音ibrating and manufacturing a路好nemometer and air volume transmit習刀ter instruments based 跳這on differential pressure 校答principle and thermal principle北近.

Industrial process contr水多ol, typical applications: 媽照nuclear power plant steam 玩技leakage monitoring, paper making p花討rocess, tobacco maki妹姐ng process, naval ships, lub友事ricating oil, transformer oil m也風onitoring, pharmaceutical drying銀議 equipment, other harsh ind雨化ustries.

Harsh and precise environmental contr見習ol, typical applications: dangerous 弟科gas environment, biopharm們銀aceutical clean room, 了上electronic semiconductor呢作 clean room, high standard in新分telligent building, agri美金culture, industrial air conditionin風西g box, data center, rail an拿刀d subway.

Building environmental c黃吃ontrol, typical applications視聽: high standard intelligent 自民building, agriculture, industrial air錢錢 conditioning box, data 醫討center, rail transpo購鄉rtation subway.

Equipment matching, typica藍開l applications: environmental test cha冷懂mber, biological incuba人月tor, pharmaceutical machinery, handhe愛農ld table.

Application Case

Nuclear power industry:Hongyanhe Nuclear Power HV去學AC system, Fangchengga中窗ng Hualong No.1 nucle愛吧ar Power Demonstration pro身費ject high temperature ste秒呢am pipeline leakage monitoring syst女行em;

bio-pharmaceutical:Shijiazhuang Siyao, 冷海Shi Yao Enbipu, Nanjing She了學nghe Biology, Taizhou Jindick Biophar說也maceutical, Wuhan Heyuan Biolo去這gy;

Electronic semiconductor:Fudan Microelectronics, Shanghai Mic的短roelectronics Equipment Co., LTD行作.

Environmental test chamber:Chongqing Hardin, Chongqing Atai近小ke;

Pharmaceutical equipment:Hangzhou Telin Biotechnology, Shangha空站i Minjie Pharmaceutical Machin鐵分ery;

Application Field

Commercial Hvac

Nuclear Military Industry

Hospital Operating Room

Tobacco Industry

Electronic Semiconductor

Coating Industry

Laboratory Equipment

Paper Industry

Rail Crossing System

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