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GemCreate Electronic T一地echnology Co., Ltd. (G+C), founded匠內 in 2014, is a high-tech enterpri土間se focusing on environmen電醫tal parameter measurement 購事solutions.

At present, it has national C好水NAS certified temperat做紙ure and humidity cali農多bration device, high-prec微司ision gas and liquid flow calibrat開件ion device; It has the cap做暗ability of R&D, calibration, calibratio長對n and manufacturing of 個音physical layer based technology bas嗎子ed on film humidity se妹司nsing capacitor, sensor and tran匠見smitter instrument.

Capable of developing, calibrating, ca路子librating and manufacturing a腦雨nemometer and air vo區大lume transmitter instrument鄉師s based on differential pressu紙看re principle and thermal princ醫數iple.

Industrial process contro他算l, typical applications: nuclear power 相事plant steam leakage monitorin資吧g, paper making process, tobacco makin們匠g process, naval ships, lubricat金街ing oil, transformer oil monitori用討ng, pharmaceutical drying equi民但pment, other harsh i人土ndustries.

Harsh and precise environmental contro如爸l, typical applications: dangerous gas 呢報environment, biopharmac聽道eutical clean room, electro國劇nic semiconductor clean room, h飛議igh standard intelli章長gent building, agriculture, i商紅ndustrial air conditioning box, 湖道data center, rail and subwa民問y.

Building environmental control, typi弟外cal applications: high standard intel制理ligent building, agricult場能ure, industrial air c明場onditioning box, data cent身化er, rail transportation s刀這ubway.

Equipment matching, typical a商男pplications: environmental test cham場村ber, biological incubator, pharmaceut間他ical machinery, handheld table.

Application Case

Nuclear power industry:Hongyanhe Nuclear Power HVAC system, Fa很理ngchenggang Hualong No.1 nucl子有ear Power Demonstration project high 老子temperature steam pipeline lea信路kage monitoring syst輛媽em;

bio-pharmaceutical:Shijiazhuang Siyao, Shi Yao Enbipu, N拍暗anjing Shenghe Biology, Ta白關izhou Jindick Biopharmac數志eutical, Wuhan Heyuan Biol報要ogy;

Electronic semiconductor:Fudan Microelectronics, S什票hanghai Microelectronics Equip習國ment Co., LTD.

Environmental test chamber:Chongqing Hardin, Chong中你qing Ataike;

Pharmaceutical equipment:Hangzhou Telin Biotechno車飛logy, Shanghai Minjie Pharm什兒aceutical Machinery;

Application Field

Commercial Hvac

Nuclear Military Indus他吧try

Hospital Operating Room

Tobacco Industry

Electronic Semiconductor

Coating Industry

Laboratory Equipment

Paper Industry

Rail Crossing System

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