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GemCreate Electronic Technology Co., L水話td. (G+C), founded in 2014, is a哥雜 high-tech enterprise focusi計北ng on environmental parame上靜ter measurement solutions.

At present, it has nation金車al CNAS certified temperature and hum海商idity calibration device醫件, high-precision gas and liq業什uid flow calibration devic我場e; It has the capabili錯校ty of R&D, calibration, calibratio為窗n and manufacturing of physical lay可吧er based technology based on f廠木ilm humidity sensing capacito店外r, sensor and transmitter ins這煙trument.

Capable of developing, calibrating, c裡短alibrating and manufacturing anemo紙上meter and air volume transmitter山外 instruments based on differential pr亮西essure principle and thermal 短拿principle.

Industrial process co一件ntrol, typical applications還農: nuclear power plan廠水t steam leakage monitoring, paper m道國aking process, tobacco ma山吧king process, naval s下西hips, lubricating oil, tran什聽sformer oil monitoring,厭樹 pharmaceutical drying equipment,美們 other harsh industries.

Harsh and precise environmen算內tal control, typical applications報她: dangerous gas environm司商ent, biopharmaceutical clean room, 水如electronic semiconductor clean得如 room, high standard int拿都elligent building, agr的但iculture, industrial air cond作問itioning box, data center, ra銀土il and subway.

Building environmental control, typical數很 applications: high stan車算dard intelligent building, agr子水iculture, industrial air工兵 conditioning box, data見火 center, rail transportation但報 subway.

Equipment matching, typical公大 applications: environmental test ch風日amber, biological incubator, pha房場rmaceutical machinery, ha下相ndheld table.

Application Case

Nuclear power industry:Hongyanhe Nuclear Power HV這知AC system, Fangchengga年習ng Hualong No.1 nuclear Pow上村er Demonstration project 長煙high temperature steam pipeline l物個eakage monitoring system;

bio-pharmaceutical:Shijiazhuang Siyao, Shi Yao E聽低nbipu, Nanjing Shenghe在那 Biology, Taizhou Jindick Biopharmaceu飛討tical, Wuhan Heyuan Biology;

Electronic semiconductor:Fudan Microelectronics, Shanghai M有子icroelectronics Equipment Co., LTD.

Environmental test chamber:Chongqing Hardin, Chongqing Ataike;

Pharmaceutical equipment:Hangzhou Telin Biotechnology, Sh山服anghai Minjie Pharmaceutical M可制achinery;

Application Field

Commercial Hvac

Nuclear Military Industry

Hospital Operating Room

Tobacco Industry

Electronic Semiconductor

Coating Industry

Laboratory Equipment

Paper Industry

Rail Crossing System

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