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Calibration Service

Kingways Control Technolo火師gy Co., Ltd. is a pr司微ofessional measurement and testing 跳影technology institution with th師現e impartial status of the third們美 party. It focuses on the匠讀 measurement calibration and testi裡站ng of flow meters, and professionally p在又rovides metering management 嗎銀solutions and technical serv人場ices for the whole lif朋日e cycle of flow meters老媽. The company has many 姐門sets of flow meter calibrat國拿ion and testing devices: DN2 ~ DN240木花0 caliber liquid flow standard de房生vice, DN15 ~ DN300 caliber critical fl物自ow Venturi nozzle method gas flo用笑w standard device, DN15 ~ DN6500 c土可aliber ultrasonic flowmet藍公er calibration device,數地 etc. Technical capabil少從ity to meet various types of flow me區窗ter laboratory and field calibration, t也坐esting requirements.

DN2 ~ DN2400 caliber liqui飛離d flow standard equipme離少nt
Device uncertainty:0.033%(k=2)

DN15 ~ DN300 caliber gas flow stan妹新dard equipment
Device uncertainty:0.32%(k=2)

DN15 ~ DN6500 caliber fiel線山d flow standard device
Device uncertainty :0.21%(k=2)

Business Scope:

Water meter verificat好務ion: compulsory verification科近, complaint verificati哥電on, commissioned verificatio朋窗n, technical consulta坐她tion

Flowmeter calibration: labo訊友ratory calibration, 地短on-site online calibr森風ation

Pipeline inspection: sup店老ply/drainage pipeline inspectio資空n and evaluation, CCT為場V inspection

Pipe testing: metal pi少不pe, plastic pipe material perf農樂ormance testing

Factory level metering tec討來hnical services: inst船線rument whole life cycle managem多務ent program and technica道做l services

With the mission of "measurement 對開service, service measurement" and the 去文policy of "compliance, j外什ustice, science, precision, quality 東房and improvement", Ken黑間wise Company is looking forward to beco小樂ming a measurement service expe跳唱rt around you!

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On-site Inspection And Calibratio中光n

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Value Defines The World為黑, Measurement Innovation Future!

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