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Calibration Service

Kingways Control Technology Co., L微影td. is a professional measurement and 議做testing technology institution with 討離the impartial status of the thi湖月rd party. It focuses on the measu我廠rement calibration and testing of flow到子 meters, and professionally provides m行讀etering management solutions 弟些and technical servic時問es for the whole life cycle 在刀of flow meters. The company銀報 has many sets of flow meter calibr車現ation and testing devices: DN2海雜 ~ DN2400 caliber liq公要uid flow standard device, DN15 ~ D吧煙N300 caliber critical flow Ventur要有i nozzle method gas flow 知嗎standard device, DN15 ~ DN6500 calibe國科r ultrasonic flowmeter calibration dev通山ice, etc. Technical capability to meet地關 various types of flow meter labor日習atory and field calibration, test線藍ing requirements.

DN2 ~ DN2400 caliber liquid flow stand討河ard equipment
Device uncertainty:0.0城東33%(k=2)

DN15 ~ DN300 caliber gas flow sta黑得ndard equipment
Device uncertainty:0.32%(k線要=2)

DN15 ~ DN6500 calibe時秒r field flow standard devic市東e
Device uncertainty :0.21%(k=2)

Business Scope:

Water meter verification: compulsory 司他verification, complaint ver窗志ification, commissioned verificatio輛樂n, technical consultatio分們n

Flowmeter calibration: labo村刀ratory calibration, on-s西路ite online calibration

Pipeline inspection: supply/drainage 慢林pipeline inspection and evaluat問校ion, CCTV inspection

Pipe testing: metal pipe, plastic務喝 pipe material perfor舊答mance testing

Factory level metering te看林chnical services: in光火strument whole life cy內國cle management program and technical se術舊rvices

With the mission of "measurement servic藍年e, service measurement就用" and the policy of "compl化數iance, justice, science, precision,畫用 quality and improvement", Kenwise紅在 Company is looking forwar讀行d to becoming a measure快大ment service expert ar體是ound you!

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Value Defines The World, Mea公理surement Innovation Futur科讀e!

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