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Calibration Service

Kingways Control Technology Co., Ltd.土通 is a professional measurement 店金and testing technology ins下紙titution with the impartial statu朋吧s of the third party. It fo答下cuses on the measurement暗輛 calibration and testing of flow 男我meters, and profession友快ally provides metering man車喝agement solutions and technic放哥al services for the whole life cycle樂來 of flow meters. The company has雨國 many sets of flow m謝快eter calibration and t業金esting devices: DN2 ~ DN2400 caliber科習 liquid flow standard dev費睡ice, DN15 ~ DN300 caliber critica白海l flow Venturi nozzle method gas flow 美笑standard device, DN15 ~ DN工雪6500 caliber ultrasonic flowmeter文從 calibration device, etc. Technical ca短森pability to meet various 懂東types of flow meter laborat湖飛ory and field calibration, te學費sting requirements.

DN2 ~ DN2400 caliber liquid fl視老ow standard equipment
Device uncertainty:0.033%(k=2身長)

DN15 ~ DN300 caliber gas flo哥短w standard equipment船這
Device uncertainty:0.32%(k=2水司)

DN15 ~ DN6500 caliber field窗計 flow standard device
Device uncertainty :0.21%(我離k=2)

Business Scope:

Water meter verification: compulsory 遠明verification, complaint 費車verification, commissioned verification暗讀, technical consultation

Flowmeter calibration: laborat間跳ory calibration, on-sit哥腦e online calibration亮線

Pipeline inspection: supply/drainage p服報ipeline inspection and eval拿電uation, CCTV inspection

Pipe testing: metal pipe, plastic pip玩討e material performan書黃ce testing

Factory level meteri新志ng technical services: instrument whol亮資e life cycle manageme報長nt program and technical servic可費es

With the mission of "和道measurement service, service measur文機ement" and the policy of "c對麗ompliance, justice, science, precision會坐, quality and improvement",自這 Kenwise Company is looking forwa火哥rd to becoming a measuremen風城t service expert around y作海ou!

Flow Meter Laboratory Check

On-site Inspection And Calibra影唱tion

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Value Defines The World, Measuremen機唱t Innovation Future!

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