Electromagnetic series

A+K Electromagnetic Water M熱子eter

Wide range ratio R: 160/250/400/630;

Accuracy level 1, 2;

IP68 design, meet the environmental 湖師requirements of underground water pi個站peline laying;

Data transmission, traffic can b亮事e read through GPRS, NB-loT, RS-48銀嗎5, etc.

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A+K electromagnetic wat紙吃er meter is a flow measurement syste腦廠m composed of electromag雨唱netic flow sensor and c白快onverter. It is mainly us金土ed for raw water deliver學短y, large user trade, community as我他sessment, secondary water supply,玩嗎 zoning measurement and other w有窗ater occasions. It has 訊她the characteristics of wide r我西ange, low initial flow ve務北locity, high precision, wire月北less remote transmission, etc. It is 明玩widely used in water flow measurement看員 in places without power supply.


Product performance

    High precision;

    Wide range ratio;

    Low initial flow velo拿關city;

    Wireless remote transmissio問身n;

   &n城靜bsp;IP68 design;

    Long battery life;

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