Electromagnetic series

A+K Electromagnetic Flowmeter 醫話(Flange Type)

High reliability and 動工high measurement stab海腦ility;

Magnetic circuit optimization de歌愛sign, small magnetic loss, less mag理事netic interference, stro謝草nger signal output;

Low polarization voltage, stro影業ng anti-noise ability, stable signal 森問output;

Stable and reliable flow, hig有答h precision, no pressure loss, strong 請窗vibration resistance, easy習場 installation and debuggi討就ng;

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The electromagnetic f事化lowmeter F series consists of two p遠站arts: sensor and converter謝話. It is based on Faraday's l司照aw of electromagneti自亮c induction and is used件來 to measure the volume flow of conduct了近ive liquid with conductivity gr校習eater than 5μS/cm. In addition to mea技亮suring the volume flow of genera照答l conductive liquid, it can al從北so be used to measure the volume flow 著個of strong corrosive liq就訊uid such as strong acid and alkali 醫村and uniform liquid solid睡友 two phase suspension liquid such as 司鄉mud, pulp, widely used in p議舊etroleum, chemical i銀報ndustry, metallurgy, textile, paper mak那訊ing, environmental protection但人, food and other industrial se湖音ctors and the flow calculation of m長山unicipal management, 雜草water conservancy construction, riv子中er dredging and other fields銀女.


Product performance

    The flow is stable and愛時 reliable;

    吃外High precision;

    No pressure loss;

    Strong vibration resistance;

    Easy to install and debug;

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