A+K Balance Series

A+K Balance Series

A+K Balance Flowmeter

Fluid measurement master - me場去et more than 90% of the working conditi票又ons;

Sensor accuracy ±0.50%; Th議拿e front and rear straight pipe sect慢鐘ion can be as low as 0.5D;

The permanent pressure loss is 1/2~放聽1/3 lower than the traditional thr又舞ottling device;

The conventional range rat要要io of 7:1-10:1 can be 唱雨20:1, 30:1 or higher;

Porous symmetrical balanced design, dir說爸t resistance is not easy to p喝湖lug.

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Technical Background

Flow Measurement Revolut務錯ion     Licensed fro遠的m NASA USA

A+K Balanced Flow Mete藍木r was initially invented by NASA t湖雪o measure liquid oxygen of the很土 spacecraft and introduced影風 from A+FlowTek company b兒拿y Shanghai Keyontech飛術s Co., Ltd. in 2006. Up to now, Keyo民算ntechs has produced more than 50,00他草0 sets of BFM that are 多費widely used in oil &電水 gas, chemical, electric power, me我玩tallurgical and other industries at 作視home and abroad.

A+K Balanced Flow Meter int我厭egrates the function of the r喝你ectifier and throttling sen和服sor to meet the measurement requir近白ements whatever under hi雨錢gh temperature & high師爸 pressure, or low temperat鐵媽ure or other severe working conditio道事ns. A+K BFM is also with 店場short straight pipe requirement弟慢, high accuracy, wide applic放要ation, low pressure loss and請員 other excellent performance, win中麗ing great recognition from錯下 more and more customers.

Keyontechs has patente雪我d A+K Balanced Flow Meter and ca西體libration laboratory that is given Labo但懂ratory Accreditation Certificate 照這by China National Accreditation市服 Service for Conformity地們 Assessment. Keyontechs always adva弟玩nces with the times, enga兒對ging in improving technology and ser間術vice as per national and industr樹區y requirements. By d什睡oing so, Keyontechs has won 公些numbers of honers.

A+K Balanced Flow Meter 湖討is in conformity with ISO-5167, GB/T-2就裡624, JJG640 standard an遠視d installation regulations of D/P fl黑懂ow meters.

Basic Principle

A+K Balanced Flow Meter—Revolutionar用是y differential pressur房樹e type flow meter. The 費輛core part of the A+K balanced flow mete樹麗r is a multi-hole throttling金計 and conditioning element mounted 厭了on the cross-section of the pipe學姐. And the size and layout of each h拿兵ole are customized according to 花家unique equation and numerous real 能兒flow testing results, which is c購拿alled function hole. When fluid is線為 running through the function holes, th水場e flow is rectified, at the same time科去, the vortex, kinetic e書麗nergy loss, dead-zone也木 effect and signal fluctuati科機on of the pressure tap我件ping point are signi坐科ficantly reduced, forming a能友n ideal flow field. And a stable 件術D/P signal is obtained by the pres視麗sure tapping device, 機器then the volume or mass flow國兒 is calculated according to the 國路Bernoulli equation.

Theoretical Formula:   厭森;   图片1.png

Simplified Formula for D/P and 行書Flow Rate:   图片2.png

Standard orifice plate農美 only has one throttling hole and de畫鄉ad zones at the sides of the hol老東e can form large amount of vortex wh笑廠ich lead to kinetic e器暗nergy consumption an愛女d permanent pressure 白懂loss; the noise caused by random and 們腦cluttered vortex can m哥生ake the signals of pressure p白但oint fluctuate and reduce meas南說urement linearity and repeata樂道bility; single-hole 物白structure requires long 公學straight pipe to make flow field adjust哥理ment and pressure recovery.&nbs煙相p;



BFM Multi-hole Throttling E理影lement

The test and verification o愛土f A+K Balanced Flow Meter are finished紙花 by American aerospace technicians and短謝 the technology and testing data廠她 are confirmed by Tennessee A&就老M University. The testing result sho有兵ws that A+K BFM can rectify flow fi內讀eld, and reduce vortex, 機到dead zone effect, kinetic energy l錯們oss, also bring down the fluctua雪她tion of pressure points caused 數區by vortex.

Excellent Performance

Balanced Flow Meter is with m算場ultiple advantages including high accur們長acy, wide turndown ration, 老輛short straight pipe 南店requirement, low pressure loss, long-te麗市rm stability, dirt-re請風sistance, wide measuring range, 為煙wide applicability and so 身現on. Also with personal小通ized design and customization ser的資vice, BFM enters into top grade 地水flow meter industry.

1. High Accuracy

※ The multi-hole and symmetric厭報al structure enables Bal人農anced Flow Meter to rectify flow議地 field and reduce vortex著林, vibration as well a分我s signal noise, largely妹工 improving the stabili風新ty of flow field. BFM also can reach 5河店-10 times higher accuracy 個花compared with traditional throttli慢商ng plate by adopting specialized嗎鐵 precision pipe and pressure 兒但device.

※ According to site calibration物風, sensor accuracy can reach to信拿 ±0.30% - ±0.50% suitable for custody t在近ransfer.

※ According to geometric dimension ve就電rification, sensor ac有相curacy can reach to ±0.50%, ±1.00% su窗來itable for process control.

※ BFM is with much hig船開h machining reproducibility and ca但藍n make geometric dimension ve舊們rification based on site 可報calibration data, which is話筆 as the same as traditional th司微rottling plate.

2. Short Straight Pipe 光個Requirement

※ Balanced Flow Meter can recti動在fy the flow field and make pressu體拿re recovery twice as quick去美 as traditional orifice 南樹plate, largely bringing down str快照aight pipe requirement.

※ Balanced Flow Meter supports 坐樹the minimum 0.5D straight pipe,身藍 which saves a large amount of pipe c鐵訊ost especially for spe輛道cialized expensive pipe.

The upstream and downstream straight p雪姐ipe requirements of two mu文著tually perpendicular elbow pipes are 兒船as below:


3.  Low Perm謝都anent Pressure Loss

The multi-hole and symmetrical stru東生cture of Balanced Flow Met城文er can reduce vortex and turbule去請nce to lower the kinetic ene習體rgy loss. When it is under same working不哥 condition and the D/P value i行車s kept no reduction, Balance費來d Flow Meter can decr多做ease to 1/2-1/3 permanent p林學ressure loss compared with tradition金分al throttling plate, an什美d save much operating cost. As一請 a kind of energy-saving instrument個看, Balanced Flow Meter is reliabl報民e.


4. Wide Turndown Ra有草tio

※Balanced Flow Meter largely improves 中請measurement turndown校喝 ration compared wit腦機h traditional thrott師筆ling plate.

※ American research s放關hows that when Reynolds number i物動s >5×104, the turndown ratio of Balanced Flo時化w Meter is without upper li睡分mit if suitable pore size is chosen.員睡

※ A+K Balanced Flow Meter can sa刀熱tisfy regular turndown ration我公 7:1-10:1 in industry me個愛asurement, but it can also reach那鐘 20:1, 30:1 and larger turnd山區own ratio by choosing suitable param務路eters in many situation和影s.

5. Dirt-resistance a笑空nd Anti-clogging

The multi-hole and symmetrical st化舊ructure enables Balanced Flow Meter t城相o reduce vortex and turbule師請nce, greatly decreasing dead 林大zones and making sure dirty fluids s紙綠moothly running through multiple hol物下es.

6. Wide Measuring Range

According to test results, 筆鐵Balanced Flow Meter can be used遠文 in fluid measurement even when f事相low velocity of the fluid is equ近下al to sound velocity; its measurable Reynold火鐵s number range can be 200-107; its βrange can be 0.25-0.90.

7. Great Repeatabili水畫ty and Long-term Stabi笑聽lity

※ Balanced Flow Mete村行r can rectify flow field and impro黃區ve repeatability to 0歌計.1%.

※ The multi-hole str訊飛ucture of Balanced Flow Meter can di數制sperse stress and avoid the abras城制ion of sharp angle, keeping β val友妹ue no change and improving long-term st服她ability.

8. Wide Application R說國ange

The operating temperatu從都re and pressure of Balanced Flow討黃 Meter can separately reach 如月to or above 850℃, 42M術作Pa, which depend on the material an空從d rank of pipe and flan議從ge.

※ Balanced Flow Mete信煙r can be applied in liquid gase姐明s measurement and effectively prevent 生熱vaporization to achieve the best m遠和easurement results.

※ Balanced Flow Meter 白弟can be used in the measu兵現rement of dirty, slu術外rry and other fluids.

※ The bilaterally symmetrical design is藍購 suitable for bi-directional f西笑low measurement.


Common fluids: liquid, g山能as, steam

Special fluids: dirty, corr坐水osive, highly viscous, 又時high/low temperature, high自黃 pressure, liquid gas fluids


Operating Pressure


Uncertainty Degree


Turndown Ratio

β Value

Permanent Pressure Loss

Reynolds Number

Straight Pipe

Upstream 2D + downstream 2D


Process Connection

Flange assembly type, wafer type, wel爸畫ding type, diaphragm se中懂aled type, square pipe type, etc.

※ Balanced Flow Meter is t輛快ypically a kind of energy saving店答 & efficiency improving type D/用見P flow meter.

※ Flow meter as one of me對草asurement instrument is 農近also an energy consumption el女會ement whose operating costs conta跳木in measurement accuracy cost and fluids transfer cost. Custody 風水transfer loss caused by in用姐accurate measurement i白都s called measurement a坐還ccuracy cost which is ess學弟ential for valuable fluids.

※ The energy consumption in 服習fluids transferring process is called 南分fluids transfer cost whi還區ch takes permanent pressur文很e loss caused by measurement element 樂讀as symbol and takes 飛弟a big cost (electric 了農power consumption of自電 the pump) especially for爸都 liquid and other heavy 話身liquids.

Compared with Traditional Throt從我tling Devices

A+K Balanced Flow Meter

One-time Investment (stati她窗c mode)

Two-time Investment (dynam到光ic mode)

Shortest Straight Pipe








15% Saved

20% Saved

4% Saved

5% Saved

5% Saved

3% Saved

3% Saved

A+K Flow Meter takes the le們花ad in cost saving aspect

Low Permanent Pressure Loss

50%~70% energy consump人唱tion saved

High Measurement Accuracy

Material & energy measure民車ment balance improved and prod自麗uction benefits increase科女d

Long-term Stability

Spares and period calibrat章暗ion cost saved 

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