A+K Balance Series

A+K Balance Series

A+K Venter Flowmeter

More than precision - ultra-high機短 accuracy ±0.25%, trade me快物asurement, precision pr購西ocess control;

The permanent pressure lo放兒ss is close to Venturi, savin化站g energy consumption in pipeline靜拿 transmission;

Front and rear straight pipe section做大 requirements are low, reduce 購暗input, save pipeline material cost;

Wear-resistant structure d動照esign, long service life.

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Venter flowmeter - innovative u站長ltra-high precision flow mea得如surement products

NASA's A+FlowTek company 科聽after ten years of research and dev路到elopment, combined w房我ith the characteristics of recti大醫fier and Venturi, break t多請hrough the traditional different工算ial pressure flowmeter in preci空舞sion, pressure loss, straight pipe s從學ection, range ratio and得業 other limitations, wide少金ly used in gas, liquid and steam 河務trade measurement and precis答現ion process control situations.


Main application field報低


Precise loading control, trade handover學又


Precise process control


Fine material ratio, en生友ergy measurement

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