A+K Balance Series

A+K Balance Series

A+K Ring Wedge Flowmeter

High viscosity dirty, according 友身to the bill full col中熱lection - viscous dirty liquid me線風asurement, redundant pressure;

The viscous medium has a 南讀wide application range, and 秒媽the lowest Reynolds nu白員mber can reach 500.

Excellent wear resistance, lo算弟ng service life;

It can realize the re件議dundant design of up to four groups 你路of pressure ports.

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A+K ring wedge flowmeter (R音為W) is A new flowmeter develop區靜ed by A+FlowTek based on t快從he principle of diff志要erential pressure throt愛樹tling, combined with the characteri志弟stics of wedge and Venturi st劇制ructure, and combined with fl睡舞uid dynamic simulati唱生on technology, in order t到好o solve the problem of hi器討gh viscosity and the meas農算urement of polluted media章化.


Performance advantage:




Excellent wear resis嗎聽tance


True redundant take pres電見sure

Measurement of visco請技us media

Fluid characteristics: visc笑道ous medium, low flow rate, flow patt子頻ern change, flow rate trapezo外資idal distribution is obvious, easy行公 to cause pressure conduction la都吃g and distortion.

Typical applications木筆: crude oil, wax oil, d音讀irty oil, asphalt, etc.

Redundancy measurement

Flow characteristics日多: High requirements f話那or flow measurement and control, and 睡裡multiple groups of redundan車照t pressure measurement are requ民務ired for safety.

Typical application: coa章還l gasification of cold wat師明er, etc.

Measurement of dirty media

Fluid characteristics: containing soli議光d impurities, with high wear, 女們slow flow rate impurities easy deposit秒小ion.

Typical applications: slurry and su可快spended fluids, such as sewa麗美ge, coal water slurry, oil coal slurr動小y, etc.

Bidirectional flow measurement

Fluid characteristics: medium flow di北們rection change

Typical application: Used 窗著for bidirectional mea街樂surement of materials between 新呢devices or between fac離黑tories.

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