A+K Balance Series

A+K Balance Series

A+K Integrated New Process Pro制匠ducts

Design innovation -- i輛術ntegrated, integrated a外友nd intelligent;

Compact structure: beau路自tiful and easy to install;

Integral design: no we房對lding, reduce running and dri些得pping;

Stress-free machining: the問知 whole machining stress-free, high 綠現precision;

Structural strengthening年計: multiple groups of pressure, 朋務structural strength is not affected.

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Design innovation -- 老自integrated, integrated an關女d intelligent


  • Compact structure: beautiful 新睡and easy to install

  • Integral design: no welding, reduce r靜輛unning and dripping

  • Stress-free machining: the w市愛hole machining stress-free, high p日睡recision

  • Structural strengthe銀明ning: multiple groups近村 of pressure, structural strengt又工h is not affected

Application scenario:

    Precision pipe type

    Material ratio信可, alarm chain,

    Trade handove如亮r, factory measurement


    舞購Welded type

    High temperature and high厭遠 pressure, dangerous con音少dition

    Boiler en冷道gine, special material


    Pair type

    Process control and adjustment indicat懂在ion

    Co路動nventional conditions, reduce inves拿西tment


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